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It was all humorous, and then it ends serious. This was some weird shit...

First one was better

I didn't really enjoy the squeaky voices >.< And the first one seemed to go better with what was said in the first place. The animation is improved, but the first one was enjoyable for its simplicity. But, either way, your skills are evolving, good work :)

Drakku responds:

Lawl, yeah, I was going more for matching the beat this time than the actual lyrics. I've received word from a lot of people that liked the first one that they wanted to know where the kitty was this time, haha.
Thanks for the comments.

Use wintex...

Thats how i got all my doom sprites. did you just take yours from screenshots or something? cuz your missing a few pixels and dont even have most of the sounds... wintex can extract those too. Just google "doom wintex" and it should show up. Good luck!

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holy dick that was annoying

I read your "how" section and it still didnt make much sense. And that music, make an option to turn it off?

Cryzabey responds:

I forgot the mute button :/
During the final testing phases I had to turn my computers sound off because I couldn't take that damn song anymore. Thanks for the reminder.

great game but..

that chat speak just irritated me >.< and when Malon said "boi" I shut it off. I cant stand stuff like that. Great game other than that though.

Needs a bit of improvement.

I have always loved doom, and your game is very good, better than anything i could do right now:) the only problem i had was that the lost souls would spawn right above the portal and shoot at warp speed in. Other than that, it was a pretty good game:)

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Very nice

This song is so relaxing for some reason, it makes me sleepy every time I listen to it.

This is why we can't have nice things

way to steal a song off the net and use it as your own, then mix in a britney spears clip.

Could have been better,

Usually these things use the clip in a different tone or speed so it sounds like you have more than one clip. Pretty good, but there is room for improvement.


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